Mobile Applications:
Mobile apps have revolutionized the whole user experience in the recent years. With billions of mobile users across the globe having an app is like hitting the bulls eye in a particular business, brand or service. We offer mobile app development on very low charges with a thought that you feel the difference in terms of unmatched service and reliability. so before going anywhere as us about your need.

Android and IOS:

Key aspects IOS-based platform Android-based platform
Development language Swift Java, Kotlin
Integrated development environment Xcode Android Studio
The target audience More valuable Less valuable
Design philosophy Flexible Specified requirement
Monetization Strategies Paid or freemium apps Paid or freemium apps
Development complexity Middle High
Development time Depends on complexity Depends on complexity
Development cost Affordable 2-3x the development cost
App Store Acceptance/ Deployment speed Long app review (7 days on average) Short app reviews process
Market share Strong Strong


The cost of developing an android application depends on many factors, including the device types. If you are investing in android app development project, you should ensure that your idea must be unique, as there is huge competition in the market.

It depends on lot of factors as follows:

  • Project requirement and needs
  • Project concept
  • Complexity of UI
  • Is the app related to Web-services or normal?
  • Designing of UI
  • Testing of the app
  • Delivering the app to the App – store by using client profile
  • To sum up Android apps are of 3 types which are mentioned below.

Cost of a simple Android app with no back-end will be Rs 10,000 to 30,000 depending on the app development company and the no. of screens in the app. Cost of development of an Android app that fetches data from a server will range from Rs 35000 to Rs 75,000.

The development cost of complex Android apps that have several screens, database access and a lot of logic to code, will be from 50,000 to Rs 200000 and will depend on the complexity and size of the Android app.

  • Simple App: It includes simple ui/ux with normal functionalities. Like simple tables, Map integration (58000 INR to 150000 INR) depends upon the requirement.
  • Medium complexity: It includes UI/UX tablets support, search by map, social integration, and many more other functionality which costs around (120000 INR to 250000 INR) depends on the requirement.
  • High Complexity: It includes all features of simple & medium feels like 3rd party application, custom animation, and many more it will cost around (150000 INR to 500000 INR) depends on the requirement.

For any type of app development please don’t hesitate to ask us for a feasible reliable and affordable opinion.